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Why do cats like height?

Why do cats like height?

The benefits of cat trees to please your pet

Today, more and more cat owners are turning to cat trees to please their favorite animal. The benefits that a cat tree can bring are many and varied: it offers felines a comfortable and suitable space to satisfy their natural needs and reduce the risk of unwanted behavior in the house.

Let's discover together the reasons why a cat likes height and how to set up this interior design

Why do cats like height?

You might be wondering why your cat always prefers to spend time up high? Maybe because it's in their nature. Cats like to sit in higher places to feel safe and have a better view of their surroundings.

Windows, closets and base cabinets provide an easy way for them to explore without leaving the interior of the home. However, as they need space to climb and explore, the interior does not offer many possibilities.

Also, some cats may be attracted to windows or higher places to chase prey or avoid dogs. If your cat is a great explorer and loves to jump on anything that moves, then he will always be happy upstairs.

What are the risks associated with height in cats?

Unfortunately, when these felines don't have enough dedicated space for climbing and descending, they can run the risk of injury. If you notice that your cat frequently jumps on sofas or climbs up furniture, chances are she is not finding enough suitable spaces.

Therefore, it is important to provide cats with safe and nurturing spaces.

Cat owners should also ensure that their pets do not take excessive and unnecessary risks. When your cat climbs too high, there is an increased risk of accidentally falling.

Time spent at the top can lead to excessive anxiety in your companion when descending

How to please your cat with cat trees?

Cat trees are specially designed to meet the natural needs of cats and reduce the risk of unwanted behavior. They provide felines with a stimulating and exciting space to scratch, play and perform various fun activities.

These structures often take up less space than a chair or bed intended for humans; they also typically feature multiple layered platforms that provide cats with an easy way to get on and off safely. Additionally, the higher levels are perfect for observation and contemplation.

Cat trees come in different sizes and colors, so they're easy to adapt to where you live. Likewise, some models have a hanging basket that offers a very practical refuge for your companion.


It is therefore important that cat owners provide adequate spaces for them to climb. Cat trees are a great option for meeting the natural needs of cats while helping them feel safe and reducing the risk of unwanted behaviors. Your pet will be happy and occupied thanks to the possibilities that a structure like this can offer!

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