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Automatic Water Fountain - A No Electricity Solution for Your Cat

Automatic Water Fountain - A No Electricity Solution for Your Cat

How To Find The Right Water Fountain For Your Cat Without Electricity!

Your cat don't drink In his bowl ? You want to help him fully hydrate by offering him a quality water ? You have already tried of the fountains but they are too loud ? In this article, we'll give you helpful tips on finding the perfect product for your cat's needs. Find out here what you need to know to make sure you buy the right water cooler.

What is a cat water fountain without electricity?

A non-electric cat water fountain is a device that provides fresh, clean water to your pet, all without the need for an electricity supply system. These fountains are specially designed for cats and can be powered by running water, batteries or a built-in rechargeable battery. Some fountains come with an infrared sensor and a water level window to encourage cats to drink more often.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of a water fountain without electricity for your cat are simplicity and convenience. This type of product does not require any complicated installation and can be taken wherever you go with your pet. In addition, they considerably limit the risk of overheating due to the absence of an electric motor.

How does it work?

Most non-electric fountains use a manual pump operated by the cat owner's wrists or body movement that circulates water through the system. There are also some fountains that have an activated carbon filter that helps purify the water by removing impurities and maintaining its quality. When the animal drinks, the water level drops but the pump automatically restarts to maintain the optimal water level.

What are the criteria to consider when buying a cat water fountain without electricity?

There are different models available on the market today and each product has its own unique features that will meet your cat's particular needs. Here are some points to consider before choosing the ideal model:

The noise level

Most non-electric water fountains are quiet, and cats won't be disturbed by the sound of a running motor. Make sure, however, that the pump is properly fixed in order to avoid vibrations and any other unnecessary noise sources.

The integrated activated carbon filter

An activated carbon filtration system is very important when it comes to maintaining a constant and healthy quality of the water distributed to pets. Some models even offer an additional feature that reduces ammonia levels, resulting in cleaner water for your cat.

The capacity

Water fountains without electricity vary in size and can contain between 2L and 3.2L depending on the model chosen. If you have multiple cats, opt for a larger fountain to meet their individual hydration needs.

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What are the best non-electric cat water fountain models?

There are many products on the market today and some have added features such as programmable vending machines or quiet motors that significantly reduce the noise level. Here is a list of the main models used by cat owners:

  • PetSafe Non-Electric Cat Water Fountain : A quiet system that features a built-in filter and a see-through window to let you know the exact level of water available.
  • Catit Non-Electric Cat Water Fountain : This fountain is designed specifically for cats and features a filtration system that helps trap impurities in running water as well as additional bowls to encourage increased drinking.
  • Drinkwell Non-Electric Cat Water Fountain : Designed by Petsafe, this fountain features a quiet system that helps keep water fresh and clean. It also comes with an activated carbon filter to maintain the level of purity.

What are the pros and cons of non-electric cat water fountains?


  • Simplicity and Convenience: These fountains require no complicated setup and can be taken anywhere you go with your pet.
  • Reduced risk of overheating: They considerably limit the risk of overload due to the absence of an electric motor.


  • Reliability: Consideration should be given to regular battery replacement or regular battery recharging, which may incur additional costs.
  • Number of settings: Non-powered models do not always offer as many settings as plugged-in models.

With so many cat water fountains available, it is possible to find the right one that will meet your feline's specific needs and requirements. It is therefore worth carrying out a thorough examination of the different options to determine which one will best suit your animal and its environment. As for the criteria to consider, we recommend a silent electricity-free fountain with a built-in activated carbon filter and sufficient capacity to meet the nutritional requirements of the cat.

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