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Find the best cat scratcher - Comparison of available models

Find the best cat scratcher - Comparison of available models

Find the best cat scratcher - Comparison of available models

With the variety of cat scratchers on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right product for your cat and your home. In this article, we offer a comprehensive comparison of the best cat scratchers available to help you find the one that best suits your needs and those of your pet.

What is the best cat scratcher?

Cats need space to wash themselves and groom their claws to keep them strong and healthy. For this reason, a cat scratcher is an ideal accessory to have at home. But what is the best cat scratcher available on the market?

There are different types, shapes and materials of cat scratchers. Criteria to consider when choosing a scraper include:

  • The size of the scratching post (adapted to that of your cat)
  • The type of surface (cardboard, wood, sisal, rope or carpet)
  • The type of scratching post (wall-mounted, suspended, cat tree), place and space available
  • Design and color (to match your home decor)
  • The material and quality of the products (wood, rope or other)
  • The cost (high price but better quality)

Comparison of the different models available on the market

There are several types of cat scratchers available on the market. The main models that can be found are wall scratchers, hanging scratchers and cat trees.

Wall scraper (with or without platform):

The wall scraper is the most common type of scratching post. It may consist of a cardboard or sisal surface, a rope or wooden stick and a platform. It can be fixed to the wall of your interior and comes in different models and colors to match your decoration. This type is perfect for adding a bit of flair to your home while giving your pet a space to wash and scratch their claws.

Suspended and/or self-service scraper:

If you don't have a lot of space or just want a practical alternative, the hanging scraper or the self-service scraper are ideal solutions. Some models can be wall mounted while others can be placed on a flat surface to fit into your home decor. These scratching posts are the smallest and least expensive, which makes them a practical and affordable product.

Indoor and outdoor cat trees:

Cat trees are the most popular type of scratching post. They can be installed inside or outside the house and offer a surface adapted to the size and needs of cats. Cat trees also offer a variety of design, color and material options, such as sisal posts, rope toys, hammocks and even cat houses.

How to install a cat scratcher?

The assembly of a cat scratcher is generally very simple. Follow these few steps to properly install your scratching post:

  • Choose a flat, stable surface to install the scraper on.
  • Make sure your scratching post is facing the right way (its rope or wooden stick pointing towards the wall).
  • Use screws and dowels to attach the scratching post to the chosen surface.
  • If you are installing a wall-mounted scratching post, mark the location of the bracket with a pencil and drill a hole on each side.
  • Then screw the clips on the back of the scraper to the holes previously drilled on the wall.

Regular maintenance and cleaning: how to keep your scraper clean?

In order to maintain the health and hygiene of your cat, it is important to regularly maintain your scraper. Leave a damp cloth on the scratching post to remove hair, dust and debris that has accumulated on the surface. You can also use a soft-bristle brush to remove stubborn dirt.

And of course, to keep your scratching post in good condition, you can clean it with a solution of water and neutral soap and then dry it with a dry cloth. If you've opted for a cardboard or sisal scraper, be sure to wash it thoroughly weekly with a soap and water solution.

Some additional advice before making your final choice

There are a few additional tips to consider when choosing a cat scratcher. For example, with the Trixie Murmel cat tree , a modular design that can be installed on a wall or under a window, you can easily adapt it to your interior space. Since the wood is very durable, this model is perfect for more aggressive and active cats.

If you're looking for something affordable , hanging scratching posts like the Trixie Wall Scratcher can offer enough surface area and a variety of colors and materials to fit into your home decor. Rope and sisal scratchers are also a cost effective and quality option.

Finally, for those who want a more natural product, the cat tree is the ideal option. Trixie cat trees have a spacious platform as well as sisal poles, a house and a hammock to provide your cat with a safe and healthy space. This accessory can even be placed near your sofa or bed!


Choosing the best cat scratcher will depend on your budget, available space, and your feline's specific needs. Finally, remember that a well-maintained scraper is essential for the well-being and health of your pet. Whether you choose a cat tree, a wall-mounted or hanging scratcher, be sure to clean and maintain your scratching post regularly.

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